About Whitemergence

The term Whitemergence has its early roots at New shoes today, a group of professional soulmates with the mission to support and inspire people and organisations on their path of creation, innovation and change. In 2015 they stopped their formal organisation to create the space for new endeveours to emerge.

Whitemergence was the name of a rather experimental network event to provide context for emerging new initiatives out of self-organising. It now granted its name to this exciting endevour.

Besides the services we offer, Whitemergence represents also an emerging network of people who are fascinated about complexty thinking and its possibilities for human organising. Besides pioneering and exploring new ways for bridging theory with practise, they are also eager to share the knowledge, insights and findings with others.


Liesbeth Debruyn |Process designer, host and guide

Liesbeth (1975) studied Product development in Antwerp. She worked as an analyst and project leader in IT and was strategically involved in several non-profit organisations. She designed for theatre projects and has a lot of experience in education and social innovation. In 2015 she finalised a master business in Imagineering (BUas, Breda) where she discovered the meaning and value of complexity related to human organising.

"I’m a designer, that’s the way I think and how I address challenges. For years I’ve experienced absurd organisational shortcomings, I also had a strong feeling that it could be otherwise. Complexity thinking provided me with many answers and I became passionate about applying valuable theoretical insights to organisational real life. Therefore I design and facilitate processes and circumstances wherein you can experience the huge potential yourself. It offers fascinating ways to evolve towards prosperous human organising wherein people can flourish."


Oscar Meijn |Co-creator and inspirational instigator

Oscar (1949) is educated as organisational psychologist. He has a long time experience in senior management of businesses and consultancy. He is skilled in group dynamics and facilitating teams. He owned 10 years a modern art gallery.

"Always when I could find the combination of people, complexity and innovation, it brought me inspiration and excitement. More recently I discovered the domain of complexity theory and thinking. It brings an unexpected rich added value to the basket of knowledge about complex human systems. This sparks me with a new personal mission to instigate others."