Experiential initiations into complexity thinking

Autumn 2019:
* One day Complexity Taster with a focus on education and learning
* Spectacles, you and complexity

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Few people nowadays would deny that we live in a fast changing and increasingly complex world. Unfortunately many of our problem solving and well intend interventions only deal with the symptoms. Our approaches often fail to face the existent complexity.

Complexity may make our lives difficult. But without complexity, there won’t be no growing, no evolution, no nature and no life.

What does complexity mean for human organising as happens in our society and in organisations? What does this mean for yourself? And how can you cope with it or do something with it?

Whitemergence provides you various ways to find this out.

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Complexity Tasters

Complexity Tasters

Complexity Tasters are an innovative way to familiarise you with complexity theory and thinking.

They are half-a-day interactive sessions to immerse you in the core complexity principles related to human organising.

Besides the cocktail that gives you a cross-disciplined taste of the core complexity phenomena, there are also themed sessions or you can demand for a customised one.


Complexity Spectacles

Complexity Spectacles

The phenomenon complexity manifests in many appearances. Complexity Spectacles invites you to interactively meet many of them.

It's a five day course consisting of two parts. The first part takes you in an interactive manner through the latest insights conerning complexity.

The second part starts from you as a person and relates to complexity, it gives you the chance to dive deep into what complexity could mean to you personally and in relation to the world around you.

You can choose to stay the whole week or only for the first or second part.


Complexity in Residence

Support in Residence

When you consider to explore or experiment with complexity phenomena in your own organisation, we can support you with a tailor-made approach.

Inspired by the notion of an artist in Residence we also present a more advanced concept to bring complexity knowledge straight into your organisation. It's workplace learning with a twist.

We will be joining your team and throughout a concrete project you and your team can experience and explore the possibilities along the way. We'll help you to interweave complexity thinking through the process of your project. It will be a real life experience that bears inherent learning in its approach.

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Liesbeth Oscar

Whitemergence is an endeavor of Liesbeth Debruyn and Oscar Meijn. It originates from their shared passion about complexity thinking and its possibilities for human organising.

Besides various ways to experience and to learn about complexity, Whitemergence as a human organising itself embraces a continuously growing network of pioneers who are eager to explore new ways for bridging complexity theory with practise.